My Day by Dr. J. Ester Davis

….. or how long will it be before the number in gun violence deaths include your child?  Will your beautiful grandchild, who brighten your day, not make it home today from daycare?  How long will you carry the car seat in the back seat after your child is buried?  Why is an AR15 for sale to an 18 year old online who just happens to have a credit card with an ample limit?  What type of person carries an AR15 in the city limits of America?  Why do you need an AR15 buying ice cream at Baskins and Robbins?  More importantly, why would a governor of any state want a ‘permit less” law on assault rifles with three(3) small children at home?  

So unfortunate, we have all the statistics. The saga is the same.  The playbook has no changes.  And its old – like a Gunsmoke rerun.   We cry and watch parents cry about the loss of their precious child.   The “media has a circus” called coverage every time there is a mass killing. The clinicians, psychochemists, psychiatrist, psychics, psychoanalyst and the rest of the “psy” family members line up to take a bow.   So many questions and no real answers except it seems as though we are “racing-to-the-bottom” of hell in gun violence games.  And sadly, we have become non-chalant, non-caring about the tone and tenor of mass school shootings….because it is somewhere else, at another Christian School, another 2nd grader, on another campus, et cetera.  

June 3, 2022 was National Gun Violence Awareness Day. In the Gun Violence Archive, there were 692 mass shootings in 2021 and about that same number in 2020. The term ‘mass shootings’ is three or more humans.  Let me point out that these numbers do not include the 20,000 gun homicides, 25,000 gun injuries, 115,000 non-fatal gun injuries and the largest category of all children… shot, killed wounded every year. Our number of mass school shootings to date has staggering statistics shedding ‘new light on just how pervasive it is’.  To add insult-to-deaths, there are statistics on how many more school shootings are expected this year.  How utterly ridiculous is this mindset!

I sincerely do not think it is hard to stop gun violence in America.  There are a hand full of politicians “elected” … and in office now that are holding America and the voting community hostage while ‘literally killing’ our children. We are always in a voting cycle.  The vote and careful examination of those running for office is the master key.  Simply vote them out of office.  And make it a priority all across this grand nation.

Senate Chaplain Barry Black said it best as he prayed for legislative action on gun violence after the killing at a Christian School in Nashville. “When babies are killed it is time to move beyond thoughts and prayers. Lord, deliver our senators from the paralysis of analysis that waits for the miraculous.  Use them to battle the demonic forces that seek to engulf us.  Remind our lawmakers of the words of the British Statesman Edmund Burke.  All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.