By Shewanda Riley

“You are on the fastest route despite heavier than normal traffic.” After hearing my
GPS calmly state this as I was staring at a line of red brake lights ahead of me on the highway, I
chuckled at told her that she was wrong this time. It looked like the route I was on was the
worst one. Then I laughed again because I realized I was talking to GPD and was so glad no
one else was in the car. Perhaps anticipating that I was going to get off on the next highway
exit, my GPS stated again that my exit was at least ½ mile away and with the lengthy line of cars
ahead of me it seemed like it would take me an hour to get it. So, I got off at the next exit
which was less than 200 feet away.
It took the GPS a few minutes to recalculate the directions, but she kept trying to get
me back on the highway. Now that I was on the highway service road, I sailed along and
looked to the left laughing at the poor people stuck in traffic. While I was driving, the GPS
kept directing me back on the highway which I refused to do because I knew that I was now on
the fastest route. Then, it happened: a slow down on the service road. And now instead of
me flying by the cars on the highway, they were now flying by me and everyone else who made
the mistake of taking the service road.
At this point, I halfway expected the GPS voice to mock me and say “I told you stay to
stay on the highway. That’s what you get for not listening.” Instead, the GPS came back on and
said, “In 200 feet, take a left.” This time, I listened to her directions and was able to make it
home, but it was 30 minutes after the original time that the GPS predicted. I only had myself
to blame for wasting time and having to take the scenic route.

This reminded me of how I’ve sometimes gotten off track from the path that God has
designed for me simply because I wanted to do it my way. Never mind that God is the creator
of the universe and knows the plans for my life, the end from the beginning. I’ve made the
mistake of figuring that my finite mind knew a better plan. And just like I had to do with the
GPS, I’ve had to recalculate and get back on the path that God has created for me.
Proverbs 4:25-27 encourages us to remain focused on God’s path: “Let your eyes look.
straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.   Give careful thought to the paths for your
feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left….” God’s plan is always
safer and more exciting than the scenic route also known as the path of disobedience.