Jessica Glaspie is the author of “Life, Love, and HIV: A Memoir” which speaks to her contracting HIV in 2009. Glaspie was born in Zion, IL and is the mother of 3 beautiful children. Glaspie loves writing and traveling. I take great pride in my advocacy work, and I am extremely grateful to have an impact on so many lives by simply telling my story. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Southern IL University Edwardsville. She currently works in the supply chain for a Healthcare system here in Texas. Glaspie started advocating after about 6 years of living with HIV. My reason? Glaspie wants to be the change she wants to see, educating and uplifting. Her ultimate goal is to erase the shame and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and continue to share how she thrives in today’s society with HIV.