Shekinah Legacy Holdings, in a groundbreaking partnership with the Scottie Smith Family Foundation, has proudly announced a $1.5 million initiative aimed at empowering the South Dallas community with knowledge and opportunities in the real estate sector. 

Recognizing the transformative potential of real estate as a career and its integral role in the development of the South Dallas community, the initiative is set to provide annual investments in the form of education grants. Community members keen on exploring careers in real estate appraisal, sales, mortgage loan origination, inspection, title insurance and development are invited to apply. 

Beyond the financial support, grant recipients will be given access to state-required pre-licensing education & test prep ensuring they are fully equipped to take the state examinations. This initiative promises not just education but also real-world opportunities. Leveraging strong ties with the real estate community, the partnership will facilitate job readiness training and placement assistance for the beneficiaries.  

Scottie Smith, II , CEO at Shekinah Legacy Holdings, stated, “This initiative isn’t just about financial support; it’s about building futures, empowering individuals, and rejuvenating communities. By investing in education and job placement, we are sowing seeds for a brighter South Dallas. When we receive funding from the City of Dallas to move our headquarters to South Dallas Neighborhood, this was part of the plan. We are excited to execute, now!” 

This endeavor stands as a testament to the decade long commitment both Shekinah Legacy Holdings and the Scottie Smith Family Foundation have towards creating tangible opportunities for growth, success, and community development in South Dallas. 

For more details on the application process, eligibility criteria, and other specifics, interested individuals are encouraged to visit


Dear South Dallas Community, 

We at Shekinah Legacy Holdings, along with our esteemed partners at the Scottie Smith Family Foundation, believe in the potential of every individual and the collective strength of our community. Today, we are thrilled to unveil a $1.5 million initiative dedicated to unlocking the doors of opportunity in the real estate sector for many of our fellow community members and neighbors. This is more than just a financial initiative; it’s a pathway. A pathway to education, to careers, and to a brighter future for all of South Dallas. We are not just offering grants; we are pledging our support to ensure each recipient is well-prepared for state examinations and, subsequently, job-ready for real-world opportunities. Together, let’s embrace this chance, uplift each other, and build a thriving South Dallas that we all envision. 

I’m Service & Love,

Scottie Smith, II – CEO

Shekinah Legacy Holdings