Nestled just outside of downtown Dallas, Views from the Cliff is without question the most unique venue to debut in the city in years. Founded by serial entrepreneur Roddrick West, the rooftop space offers a degree of functionality and flexibility that allows it to cater to the whims of any guest, no matter the scope of their needs.

“When I set out on this mission, my mindset was to create an environment, not just another venue or meeting space, because Dallas has plenty of those. I wanted something that didn’t compromise the integrity of the day by forcing guests to come and go, call out for this or that, and so forth. When operating in that fashion, users tend to lose connection with the event, and what was supposed to be a memorable outing becomes one you’ll want to forget. Views offers a self-contained, one-stop user location and one I’m excited to share with the city that I call home,” said West.

The official launch took place on September 13th, with live entertainment, food, fun, and a crowd that made the evening magical. As the night progressed the amount of detail and planning that was poured into this initiative became obvious. “During the design phase, we intentionally added pieces to allow the space to become one with the event and the guests seamlessly. That way, it becomes more than just a wedding, birthday party, or corporate meeting, the day or night morphs into an experience.”

The music, crowd, and libations meshed well together, but the unquestioned star of the night was the picturesque Dallas skyline. “We often take it for granted, but Dallas has one of the most breathtaking skylines in the world.” There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as the weather seemed to understand the magnitude of the evening. When coupled with the balanced mix of new and old-world building design that makes the Dallas skyline so distinctive, you had the makings of a night that won’t soon be forgotten.

A functional location and amenities are essential pieces of the puzzle for any special day, but the success or failure of an event often hinges on planning. When it comes to planning, Views has that covered, too, in the way of event planning expert Larissa Clark. “Sometimes when guests approach a location, they simply don’t know what they want their event to look like. That’s where I come in and where the hidden value of this space reveals itself. With Views, Roddrick has created an ambiguous location that’s fluid. This structure allows us to deliver the desired experience, and when that happens, everybody wins, especially the customer,” said Clark.

With two full bedrooms and bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a sunroom, and an indoor/outdoor capability, Views from the Cliff is well-positioned to become Dallas’s event location of choice while setting the pace for others to follow for the foreseeable future.