A few years ago, I owned one of my most fun cars to drive:   a silver 2003 Volkswagen Beetle.   Even though it was small, the car had a state of the art (by 2003 standards) stereo system that included a remote control.   One day as I was getting ready to go to an appointment, I pressed the remote control on button, and nothing happened to the stereo.   Then I turned it over and saw that the battery had fallen out.   Since I’d dropped the remote control on the ground outside of my car earlier, I thought that the battery was probably still on the ground nearby.   After a few minutes of searching around the car and not finding the missing remote, I gave up and drove off a little frustrated because the only way I could adjust the radio volume was by using the remote.     

Also, I felt a little foolish because it wasn’t an issue of life or death, but I remember praying for God to show me exactly where it was.   I then checked under the front seat mats and what did I find?   The battery and the battery holder exactly where God had led me to look.   Needless to say, I was overjoyed that I could now turn down my radio, but I was also glad for another reason.  This seemingly insignificant incident showed me that I could hear God’s voice even though I been doubtful lately.  

  This incident also reminded me of the previous year when I had a serious case of writer’s block.  I thought I was following God’s leading in my writing but couldn’t understand why it was so hard to write even one page sometimes. Once I spent more time in prayer with God, the words and ideas flowed effortlessly like God’s promises in   Hebrews 8:10, “I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts.”    

Even though a few years have passed since that time, I sometimes still shrug off that “something” which is God’s still small voice trying to give me direction.  In the case of writing, the “something” is God trying to keep me on beat with his heart.  When faced with those difficulties, prayer has always helped me hear His voice, write to the beat of His heart, and stay focused as a writer.  The following is a prayer from my book of prayers for writers Writing to the Beat of God’s Heart that helps me stay on track:  

I thank you God for giving me greater confidence in the skills that you have given me as a writer.   I will not second guess myself and my ability to hear your voice.   I praise you God because you have opened my stopped-up ears and have sharpened my ability to hear your voice…As I spend more time in worship, prayer, and consecration, it will become easier to hear your voice and follow your direction in every area of my life.

Shewanda Riley, PhD is a Fort Worth, Texas based educator, speaker, and author of the Essence best-seller “Love Hangover:  Moving From Pain to Purpose after a Relationship Ends” and “Writing to the Beat of Gods’ Heart:   Prayers for Writers.”    Email her at preservedbypurpose@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @shewanda.