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The Dallas Weekly is the most respected, most critically acclaimed and most widely read African American newsweekly in North Texas. For more than 60 years, “The Weekly” has informed, educated, enlightened and fought for Dallas/Fort Worth’s Black community. Recognized nationally, statewide and locally as a valued Texas institution, the paper remains committed to addressing those issues, people and organizations that impact lives in its sphere of influence. Long considered the general market newspaper of the African American community, “The Weekly” combines a commitment to journalistic excellence with well rounded in depth local coverage of events of the day. The Dallas Weekly is your one stop shop for reaching a dynamic, highly valuable $35 billion consumer market.

For more information call 469-317-7600 or e-mail pwashington@dallasweekly.com.

Our E-Edition

Our e-Edition is attracting more and more consumers to the Dallas Weekly brand. The e-Edition transforms the classic award winning print version of the paper into an interactive online product with industry leading page turning technology. Advertisers can efficiently engage readers with video, audio and flash animation in addition to traditional print advertisements. Priced competitively and delivered on demand, The Dallas Weekly e-Edition provides yet another unique access point into a diversified $35 billion African American consumer market.

For rate and capability information contact us at 469-317-7600 or e-mail finance@dallasweekly.com

Our Website

Dallasweekly.com has evolved into a premier website for African Americans and others to stay in touch, enlightened, educated and entertained. Perhaps one of the most innovative websites in the area, advertisers are taking advantage of yet another Dallas Weekly product to reach this $35 billion market via links, video shorts, banners, tailored promotions and customized pages. From the dynamic calendar of events to targeted web alerts, users love the interactive ability of the site to stay connected to their community and the world.


Welcome to the Dallas Weekly Calendar, an innovative product that will help you get the word out about your events, openings, screenings, concerts and promotions. Our fully interactive calendar will display your event on the date you choose with picture and video if requested. You can have ample opportunity to promote your event weeks and days leading right up to the day of the event. The best part of this online product is it’s totally FREE! Sign up for the Dallas Weekly website and begin enjoying the benefits your promotions immediately! More importantly, you can reach members on the Dallas Weekly family who number in the thousands.

Have you been using the Calendar and want more? Try our Featured Event option for our partners and clients. This unique aspect of our calendar allows you to promote an event visually on our home page. This increases visibility and awareness of everything from plays, to concerts, from fashion shows and to parties. Sign up now to take advantage of our Featured Event calendar product. Additionally, a Featured Event can also be sent directly to our Facebook friends, as well as, to our rapidly growing database. It’s the most inexpensive way in town to maximize audience and increase ticket buyers.

The Weekender

The Weekender is a dynamic online product The Dallas Weekly uses for upcoming weekend events. This e-blast to our ever growing database keeps our readers abreast of all the weekends top events.The Weekender features our top pick out of the weekend events where you’ll find someone from The Dallas Weekly. E-marketing to a $35 billion consumer market has never been easier. The Weekender, The Dallas Weekly has a product or combination to fulfill all of your advertising requirements.

Bulletin Board

Need to get the word out to North Texas? Our Bulletin Board allows us to send out information at the speed of email to an audience waiting to hear what you’ve got to say! This product is a dynamic way to communicate via our database directly to an audience interested in and looking for pertinent community news. When North Texas needs-to-know, the Dallas Weekly is a preferred medium of choice.

This Just In

This Just In is a dynamic online product The Dallas Weekly uses for breaking news. This e-blast to our ever growing database keeps our readers informed of issues that are important to them that cannot wait until the paper is printed. This Just In is sent as things are happening or as events are unfolding minute by minute. This Just In is sent to mobile devices as well as e mail addresses according to the user’s preference. It provides another Dallas Weekly product available to advertisers as a dynamic innovative marketing tool. E-marketing to a $35 billion consumer market has never been easier. This Just In, The Dallas Weekly has a product or combination of products to fulfill all of your advertising requirements.

Online Banner Ads

Ideal for both branding and direct response.

Specs 728 x 90
Format .jpg, .gif, .swf
File Size Max 40k
Animation Max 30 seconds

Specs 160 x 600
Format .jpg, .gif, .swf
File Size Max 40k
Animation Max 30 seconds

Online Banner Ad Rates(Monthly)

Size Front Page Section Homepage & Article Pages Mobile & Tablet
728×90 $400 $200 or $500 for 3 Sections N/A
160×600 $400 $200 or $500 for 3 Sections N/A
300×250 N/A $200 or $1000 for ROS $500
300×50 (Mobile) N/A N/A $500


Print Ad Rates (National)
Color Rates: Add $150 Spot Color (per color) / Add $500 Full Color

Frequency 1X 6X 13X 26X 52X
(10 X 12 Inches)
$2,961.36 $2,833.92 $2,704.32 $2,576.16 $2,446.56
Half Vertical
(5 X 12 Inches)
$1,480.68 $1,416.96 $1,352.16 $1,288.08 $1,223.28
Half Horizontal
(10 X 6 Inches)
$1,480.68 $1,416.96 $1,352.16 $1,288.08 $1,223.28
(5 X 6 Inches)
$740.34 $708.48 $676.08 $644.04 $611.64
(5 X 3 Inches)
$370.17 $354.24 $338.04 $322.02 $305.82
Per Column Inch Cost $41.13 $39.36 $37.56 $35.78 $33.98


Print Ad Rates (Local)
Color Rates: Add $150 Spot Color (per color) / Add $500 Full Color

Frequency 1X 6X 13X 26X 52X
Full $2,756.16 $2,203.92 $1,873.44 $1,542.96 $1,321.92
Half Vertical $1,378.08 $1,101.96 $936.72 $771.48 $660.96
Half Horizontal $1,378.08 $1,101.96 $936.72 $771.48 $660.96
Quarter $689.04 $550.98 $468.36 $385.74 $330.48
Eighth $344.52 $275.49 $234.18 $192.87 $165.24
Per Column Inch Cost $38.28 $30.61 $26.02 $21.43 $18.36


Additional Digital Product Rates

Online Calendar Posting FREE
Online Calendar: Featured Event (Featured on Home Page) $50/week
E-Edition E-Blast (sponsorship) $500/week
     Live Link on E-Edition Ad $50/ad
     E-Edition Exclusive Full Page Ad $100/ad
Featured Event E-Blast $150/e-blast
Bulletin E-Blast $150/e-blast
This Just In E-Blast (sponsorship) $100/e-blast
Weekender E-Blast (sponsorship) $150
Weekender: Event Spot $50
Weekender: Event Teaser $50


Audio production: production of commercial, PSA, audio drop, etc.

All audio production rates are $20/hr. at a 2hr minimum

Package Deals

Buying multiple ads? Contact finance@dallasweekly.com or call 214.428.8958 for package deals!


Ad Production

Want to Advertise but don’t have an ad? Our production team can build it for you.
$50 per Ad (including 1 edit) & $25 per additional edits


Advertising Deadlines

Space Reservation Deadline: Friday 11AM
Camera Ready Material: Friday 5PM
Edition Date: Monday
No Returns/No Refunds – All Sales Final