Technology, especially in consumer facing businesses like banking, is changing quickly to meet customer demands and market trends. That’s why our firm has more than 3,000 technologists working locally, including software engineers and developers specializing in critical areas like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, digital, cloud and general engineering capabilities.

Better still, we’re also hiring in large numbers. In the past 18 months, JPMorgan Chase has brought on about 1,500 technology employees in DFW. And we plan to hire about 1,000 more over the next two years. We understand that in the tech sector, there is a lack of diversity in many of these disciplines, which creates challenges for Black technology professionals. The growth happening in our firm right now offers a unique opportunity for us to be purposeful and intentional in increasing representation within the business.

We also recognize that “joining the team” is just one of the critical milestones within a professional journey. That’s why we are also focused upon ensuring that we create an environment for our employees that offers ongoing development and mobility. We are incredibly focused on fostering an inclusive and diverse culture for all of our employees. The most important thing we can do for employees – and our customers – is to build a healthy, vibrant company that treats people with respect and creates opportunity.

One of our initiatives to drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is Advancing Black Pathways (ABP.) ABP works with the Black community to chart stronger paths towards economic success and empowerment. Among its key pillars, the initiative is focused upon creating ‘educational pathways’ through internships and apprenticeship opportunities. Our Plano campus has one of the largest Advancing Black Pathways programs of all the JPMorgan Chase technology center across the U.S. See link below:

The JPMorgan Chase campus in Plano is the largest partner and employer for the Paul Quinn Scholars- a bold expansion of Paul Quinn College to connect its students with the thriving business community in North Texas. Paul Quinn students work 20 hours a week at businesses across the Region– including our campus in Plano – gaining incredible work experience and using the money they earn to defray the cost of going to college. We are excited about the growth opportunities happening in North Texas at JPMorgan Chase and we hope that you are to.

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