Joy Campbell is a prominent figure in the southern sector of Dallas through the Ministry’s Guiding Minds Educational Programs, helping individuals find purpose and leading them to self-sufficiency. Born and raised in the Redbird area of Dallas, Joy graduated from Duncanville High School and went on to Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU). During her college years, Joy pledged the ETA BETA Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, and also worked as Property Manager for Panther Quarters. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing.  

Joy later obtained her Master’s degree in Counseling and Community Development. She had always been interested in community development, and that interest was deepened when she began working in the field of social services and community affairs. While working in the field, she learned that she needed to go deeper within the community in order to bring them to self-sufficiency. Today, she does this by helping individuals set a foundation of change with the mindset of living life purposefully. Understanding these principles opened the door for her to obtain her second Master’s degree in the Arts of Counseling.  

Through her own trials and tribulations with finding her path, Joy began to form a relationship with God. She understood that she was chosen to lead a ministry that would benefit the community as a whole. Her main focus is the betterment of the community as it impacts the lives of the family. 

Joy at the Survivors Ball

“By being transparent and honest about my journey through life, I help expose my clients to what it means to endure the process of life. I have lived a lot of life so far, and I am only 33. That in itself exposes my clients to the possibilities of their success. Being a young entrepreneur of African American descent sparks motivation in my clients and makes them believe that they can do it too. This is what sets us apart from others at Guiding Minds Ministries. My journey is the testimony that others use as motivation for their success,” said Joy.

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In May of 2017, Joy graduated from The Potter’s House School of Ministry. She is the current owner of Guiding Minds Ministries LLC, which is an organization that focuses on the rehabilitation of Second Chance Offenders through adult education, counseling and substance abuse outpatient treatment.

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