Original Soul’s stage name perfectly describes his music, marketing, and merchandise. While there seems to be an unspoken formula for today’s rappers, Original Soul chooses to speak on issues that matter to himself and his community. Even on his website, he’s wearing a shirt that says “Racism Sucks.” And any fan can expect this same kind of raw and honest energy at an Original Soul show.

Where other artists may stray away from the heavy-hitting material that one would expect the news to cover, Original Soul “has the rare talent and ability to take a club crowded full of hardcore Hip-Hop heads and have them all singing along to a song that is built around the topic of homelessness.” (Originalsoulonline.com)

photo cred: Veronica Brown

Original Soul is an accomplished artist who’s no stranger to winning awards. Last year, he was our Best of Black Dallas winner for Best Male Hip Hop Artist and Best Local Band. He has recorded more than 13 albums, written more than 270 songs, and produced music for dozens of artists in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and abroad.

Original Soul’s label, M4g Entertainment (Music 4 Grownfolks), and his signees, including his wife and performance poet E-Squared, are artists whose music makes you think. In yet another original aspect, the label is a mentoring service. Original Soul is teaches artists how to read contracts, what to look for in deals, who to talk to for distribution, and more. But what’s more amazing is that the artists aren’t under contract. They’re free to pursue a more ideal situation at any time, and keep the knowledge they acquired with them. One of the label’s goals is for each artist to be self sufficient; the contrary is certainly more often true than not.

photo cred: Marcellus Suber

With the heart of a champion and music for the masses, we can’t wait to see what Original Soul does next. Learn more about Original Soul on his website.