Shronda Pierson | Photo credit: Shronda Pierson
Shronda Pierson

A Dallas/Fort Worth realtor, Shronda Pierson was first inspired to join realty after purchasing her first home at 19 with her husband. Pierson was originally in the world of real estate as an investor and property owner before entering sales production in real estate.  Pierson stated that this allowed her to implement the experience and knowledge to make her real estate business what it is today. Entering real estate, according to Pierson, was an easy decision.

“I had a made-up mind, took the right steps, and went in full force,” Pierson said.

She stated what she feels appeals to people about her work, is the effort she puts in for her customers.

“I go the extra mile making sure that people are educated on the process and have a great understanding of how they are building generational wealth,” she said.

Pierson also works to form communities where people can thrive by working with non profits, volunteering in school districts, mentoring young women as well as donating resources, time and energy to several ministries.

As for what Pierson has coming up, she stated her business will be having an exciting 2022.

“This will be a big year for my company Pierson Property Group LLC so stay tuned,” she said.

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