Photo credit: Kira Purnell

Kira Purnell began her journey to professional photography in 2017 after years of being told she could sell her landscape photos. Purnell said she found there to be an importance to the tangible pieces of history that are pictures, and wanted to offer that to her family and friends.

“In 2017, I listened to all those people and took a chance on myself by ordering my first DSLR camera and that is how K. Nicole Photography began,” she said. 

For her, one of the best parts of the job is the look on peoples faces when they see her work.

“I hear a lot, “I cannot believe that is me.” Being a photographer can be very vulnerable,” she said.

Purnell stated that she hopes clients get a professional but fun experience when they shoot with her.

“I want it (the experience she offers) to be memorable enough that they want to come back to me,” she said.

In terms of what more you can look for from K. Nicole photography in 2022, she plans to dive more into boudoir photography, working to showcase women and their bodies as art.

“I want to showcase women as art,” she said. “We are art, from our curves, to our complexions, and our smiles.”

To learn more about Purnell’s work or to book her you can visit: or find her on Instagram @knicole.pix.