Rev. Freddie Haynes

For those who have been here in the DFW metroplex for some time the name Freddie Haynes is a common thing. Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III, has established himself as one of Dallas’ most passionate advocate for the community, social activist, and educator fighting against racial injustice.

Of course, for the past 38 years, Dr. Haynes has served as senior pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, and under his leadership, the ministry and membership of the church has grown from less than 100 members in 1983 to over 12,000.

Dr. Haynes is also a committed activist called to serve the people and fight for economic justice and empowerment in under-served communities. Dr. Haynes has formed alliances with local and national community leaders and city, county, state, and federal officials to fight social injustice, domestic violence, and poverty.

Dr. Haynes also worked with the Center for Responsible Lending aiding in the efforst to combat predatory economic practices in Texas and across the nation. Dr. Haynes’ vision of a equitable world also led to the creation of Friendship-West founded THR!VE Intern and Leadership Program.

Dr. Rev. Frederick D. Haynes, III (right) with Rep. John Lewis (right)

During the first year, the THR! VE Intern and Leadership Program employed nearly 100 young black males between the ages of 16-19 and since its inception, the program has expanded and now employs both young men and women.

The Dallas Weekly salutes 2022’s Best of Black Dallas –Best Preacher winner Dr. Rev. Frederick D. Haynes, III