JourneyFit is the passion project and brainchild of the energetic and highly motivated Victoria Thomas. Thomas is a warrior and expects nothing less from her staff and patrons. JourneyFit has carved itself in the community pushing us to be better and do better in all aspects of our lives. It literally carries the personality of its creator. The lifestyle and fitness company is doing well and even opening up a location in Houston. 

The JourneyFit team under the leadership of Thomas looks at fitness as a total package goal, not a one cure for the body mindset. Individuals are seens as such and catered to accordingly. As they say at JourneyFit : “The biggest mistake individuals make while on a fitness Journey is taking general fitness advice. Some fitness advice is pretty standard while advice that is specific to your body type, genetics and goals can be the determining factor in you reaching your fitness goals.” In short, JourneyFit is designed to make sure that your fitness journey is personalized to you. 

JOURNEYFIT is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. Staff members at JF teach and train all principles behind lifestyle fitness, striving to find ways where fitness and healthy eating can fit comfortably in to your lifestyle, so you can maintain it forever. If you are ready for a lifestyle change it’s time to call JourneyFit. 

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