Who doesn’t love an amazing fragrance? When we think of fragrance, we typically think of the kind that we spray on our bodies. That can range anywhere from colognes to body sprays to actual perfumes. But how things smell in your immediate environment is just as important, especially during a pandemic and work-from-home is a thing for a lot of us.

Outside of body fragrance, there are home fragrances, car fragrances, and even store fragrances. Yes, store fragrances. According to Business News Daily, you may want to pay attention to how stores smell when you walk into them. Certain scents evoke emotions and encourage you to spend money. Clever. It makes sense, as fragrances are associated with your daily life and memories whether it’s the soap that you use or a candle. As the hip-hop group The Geto Boys said back in the day, “My mind is playing tricks on me.” Ok, not really, but it’s quite effective.

Endria Hopkins of Encore Scents knows a lot about how things should smell or what vibe you’re trying to feel. Encore Scents is a home fragrance company that creates amazing candles, deodorizers, oils, and more. Endria uses natural soy wax and beeswax to create her paraffin-free candles and wax melts.

Why is paraffin-free important? Well, a lot of those popular companies out there typically use paraffin in their candles. It’s a popular component in makeup, skin, hair, and body products. It’s cheaper, so that’s why it is used so much. The biggest issue is that it’s not biodegradable. Because it doesn’t break down well, it’s not great for our air quality, even when lighting a candle. There is more, but we are simply glad that Endria does not use this material in her amazing products. Even more health-conscious, she uses phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils to infuse her products with lingering and extra strength. Her motto is Encore Scents that “Always give you more.”

The Texas native created her brand to share her love for fragrances with the world. She aims to create unique products that bring joy to others. She has achieved this with her very unique fragrance blends.

If fragrances like banana rum, black vanilla, cherry wine, and melon mojito are making your mouth water like they are mine, be sure to support Encore Scents to liven up your home, office, or car.