Cold and dry room. Bright lights and weird sounds surrounded me. Being so nervous that I’m shaking. The dentist’s office is a scary place. The funny thing about it is the experience I’m describing is the feeling that I have now at twenty-eight years old. A dentist’s office is a scary place for most adults. To be completely honest The Dentist’s office is a scary place for black people especially. We as a community don’t have a great history with the medical system. Then understanding the importance of Dental health is another conversation. That is why Dr.Brown and her office Fresh Dentistry by CanDD are important.

Congratulations to Dr. Brown for winning best physician/doctor, and also winning best medical practice. Dr. Candace Brown is a native of Dallas, Texas. She attended Lake Highlands High School in Richardson ISD, where she first decided to pursue a career in dentistry. She went on to receive her B.S. degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Baylor University. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Baylor College of Dentistry during which time she served as an active member and President of the Student National Dental Association and was awarded the Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health Award by the American Association of Public Health Dentistry. Dr. Brown is a member of the Texas Dental Association, Dallas County Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the National Dental Association. She enjoys the unique opportunities dentistry provides to change lives and build lasting relationships.

Dr. Brown and Fresh Dentistry are making a true difference in our community. When I sat down with Dr. Brown. She shows her true passion for dentistry.

DW: What does it mean to be a Black Dentist?

Dr. Brown: It’s everything! It is exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up! Black people have never represented a dental career. For every one black dentist, there are 200 other of ethnicity dentists. I want to change the Perception of the dentist office to our community.

DW: How are you making an impact in the community?

Dr. Brown: I made sure my office is completely clean and warm. I make sure I spend time with my patients. I educate them on dental health. I make sure I make a connection with each one of them. There are some that I’ve actually seen them grow up from kids to high school and then college. I’ve made such an impact that they even thought of becoming dentists themselves.

When it comes to changing the view from scary to a warm place she gets the award for that. She takes the extra steps that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can tell when she talks about being a dentist and her office, there is passion in her voice. I will be making my appointment soon!