Sherry James of the “Creating Mental Wealth with Sherry James” will be interviewing four-time NBA champion John Salley, TV personality, entrepreneur, and host of “The John Salley Crypto Show” to discuss the intersection of a diverse financial portfolio and ‘mental wealth’ in the show’s debut season on Zondra TV Network.

Salley is one of only two players in NBA history to have won NBA championships across three decades. John’s passion for leading people to the power of crypto to create change inspired him to completely immerse himself in this new world, empowering artists, athletes, and more to claim ownership of their likeness by utilizing the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Now he’s exploring the world of crypto, Bitcoin, and NFTs with Athletes, Actors, Experts, and Celebrity friends.

The non-profit organization 2020 Lives Changed, Inc (Powered by Phoenix Speaks, Inc) will begin filming the first four episodes of “Creating Mental Wealth with Sherry James” on May 18th at the RealNews PR Studios in Dallas, TX. The vision conceived for 2020 Lives has expanded to include an array of services for people across the globe with the ultimate aspiration of removing the stigma of mental health.

“We know people who utilize preventative preventative care proactively impact not only their immediate circle but a wider sector of their reach than most people consider,” explained Sherry James who lost both her parents to suicide. “The ripple impact of mental health challenges can handicap an organization and considerably damage productivity and quality of life for generations to come.”

2020 Lives Changed, Inc. is on a mission to educate humans about creating mentally wealthy lives by #HealingOutLoud; utilizing tools such as social media, keynotes, custom courses, and streaming TV to save lives, one heart at a time. Their services offer a paradigm shift away from the taboo and sometimes shameful conversation of mental illness and suicide.

Readers can sign up for their next “Heal Out Loud” Mental WEALTH Virtual Retreat for only $75 ($250 value). To learn more, visit them online at

“Creating Mental Wealth with Sherry James” premieres on Zondra TV Network later this year. Follow Sherry James on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or YouTube to be alerted when the episodes become available on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

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