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David Banner has been refining his presence in the music industry and the black American cultural community for more than 20 years now. Currently his projects are numerous, but he has one message he is imparting onto his audience, the black community, and the world, and The God Box 2 is that message.

Banner has deep ties to the Dallas community, citing Erykah Badu as one of the catalysts in his self-expression; he also mentions that in his early career Dallas and its music community were influential in his growth and understanding his artistry.  Specifically, Powerhouse Records, a Dallas based label, was where he got his start.

The connection to Texas goes even deeper with Banner, expressed in his new song “Swangin’ (Chad)” featuring Bun B. A melodic Texas type track, sampling Mint Condition’s “U Send Me Swingin’” and presenting a fitting homage to the late great Pimp C, Banner puts his respect and honor on the entire track.

“Texas has really helped me put Mississippi on…Texas via Houston and Dallas.  A couple of the songs on the album is a thank you…. With Texas culture giving me so much, I wanted to pay homage back. And of course, Pimp C was a friend of mine; it was more than giving homage to an elder. “ Banner says., “Pimp called me two days before [he died]. I didn’t pick up the phone. Two days later he was dead… I checked the message, and he was like ‘I’m in town, pick me up.’ And I wonder what it would’ve been had I picked up that phone.”

Now Banner is on a mission to promote his new music and his special project The God Box 2. This album is in essence a series of content presented by Banner to awaken the sleeping negro. It contains information, music, history, and the experience of David Banner packaged for the purpose of gaining knowledge of self. Banner describes it as a creative expression of his progression as a man and an artist.

Photo by Ray Johnson

His revolutionary spirit was felt at his listening party last week for the Mississippi native’s “The God Box 2” Guests were greeted with gifts from the artist and a cool lounge scene to absorb the sounds. When David Banner arrived he greeted guests and navigated the crowd through each song and it’s significance to the mission of enriching Black culture. He advised the audience to invest into one another and specifcally acknowledged the power that Black Dallas holds. It was a moment. And like his album’s messaging, the powerful words was well received.

All products and merchandise, knowledge and wisdom, music and more can be found on and “Swangin” is available to stream and purchase on all platforms.

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