By Brianna Patt 

On Nov. 18, Witherite Law Group and Dallas radio station K104 provided 1,000 free turkeys to community members as one of their many efforts to give back to the south Dallas community. 

The event began at 10 am, with a long line wrapping around Fiesta Mart, with a steady stream continuing throughout the day. Many south Dallas community members showed up, some individually or with their family members, some of which they were also getting a turkey for. Tickets were handed out on a first come, first served basis with one person tasked with handing out tickets and another keeping track of the number of people who came through. One person in line was Corey Tee, who stated that events such as this are important for south Dallas community members who are unable to afford Thanksgiving meals. 

According to Amy Witherite, head of Dallas personal injury firm Witherite Law Group this event has been taking place for 15 years. 

“We’ve always been about putting people first; we’ve always been about taking care of people. And one of the first things that was important was that people need to know where their next meal is coming from,” Witherite said. 

As for what people can do for the holidays to embrace the spirit of giving back for Thanksgiving, that sort of spirit can come from inviting someone into your home, to pay it forward in some way. Witherite states that a person giving back in their own way can range from providing the community with turkeys to bringing in extended family or a neighbor to feed them. Helping to uplift community members in ways no matter how big or small. 

“We can all do something, we can lift up our employees, our neighbors or church members. That’s what we all need to be doing. I hope everybody gets that message because that’s what we’re [Witherite law group] all about,” she said. 

Witherite states that one of their core values as a law group is supporting their community and providing people with the ability to move forward and care for their loved ones. 

“That has always been our mindset as a law firm, to support our community and give them steps to move forward and take care of their families,” Witherite said. 

The Thanksgiving give away to 1,000 families is not the only charitable act they participate in. Witherite states they have 40 community outreach events since October 25 of this year, with their work ranging from feeding kids to offering scholarships and supporting schools. 

They also work with local domestic violence organizations and in food pantries in the DFW area. “We help domestic violence organizations. We work in food pantries [both here in Dallas and in Fort Worth], where we’re providing coats to an incredible group of kids at work that live in

housing projects in Fort Worth. I mean, I could go on and on and on. Every week of every year, we’re gonna give back to our community,” WItherite said. 

The event wrapped up early, ending around 11:15 am after providing over 900 people with turkeys. To learn more about Witherite Law Groups work, click below: 

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