Elena Barajas is an international fashion designer, who has been in the design industry for two years. She has worked with Emerge, non-profit DIFFA Dallas, as well as several other fashion shows. As a designer, Barajas embraces inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. Barajas also works with rising designers who showcase garments that can be worn by both genders. 

One of Elena Brajas Designs on the runway

Barajas is involved in several foundations such as DIFFA Dallas and El Comedor Communitario en Mexico. She uses her designs to uplift these organizations, channeling her passion for fashion to help them achieve their goals. Her work has not only had a positive impact on those foundations, but has also provided opportunities for her to connect with celebrities and grow her audience. 

Her garments have been displayed in a prestigious museum in Guanajuato, Mexico. She has created designs for celebrities such as tiktok star Dance Like Andrea, The Voice star Marcos Covos, rapper Santa Fe Klan, and musician Hannamusicc

Elena Brajas with one of her models on the runway

When Barajas is not designing, she teaches, mentors or does public speaking to help future designers be innovative and creative. To improve themselves and those around them.