By Ebony Carrington of Oowee Sports Nation

Team: Storm Baseball (Highland Village)
Position: Pitcher & Outfielder
Team #: 22
Age: 10
Grade: Fourth

In the game of baseball, accuracy, velocity, movement, mental toughness, and a great arm (the ability to throw something powerfully) — are all the characteristics of a great pitcher. 

At just 10 years old, Dylan Williams is blessed to possess these qualities. His towering 5’5” stature and confidence when stepping onto the pitching mound makes him a formidable competitor. Williams first began playing tee-ball at the age of four for fun, but continued to become serious about the sport when it was discovered he had a strong arm for throwing.

“Pitching is an area I really feel I excel,” Williams said. “I get a thrill and enjoy the challenge of scoring runs and throwing strike outs.”  

His goal over the next year is to sharpen his skills with his bat work (hitting home runs), including, continuing to build up his skills in pitching. He hopes that as he continues to grow in the sport, he can become the best and play through college on scholarship. One person he looks to for inspiration is his dad. As a NCAA college basketball official, the elder Williams is no stranger to the hard work and discipline it takes for an athlete to make it to the collegiate level. Williams works regularly with his dad to improve and get better. 

“I look to my dad because he pushes me to do the best I can at any sport I choose to play,” he said. “He tells me regularly to ‘Never give up’ and always push forward, even when something seems tough.” 

With his “can-do” attitude and winning mindset, Williams looks forward to the collegiate years — Texas A&M University, Georgia Tech University, and Rice University in Houston are his top picks. 

He firmly believes that his biggest competitor is any one opposing that stands in his way of getting where he wants to be. You can continue to follow Dylan Williams on his journey to become the best athlete on Oowee Sports Nation, a network for youth athletes. 

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